What is Vaasi Yoga?

The word Vaasi Yoga is derived from ancient south Indian language known as Tamil language. Tamil language is the oldest and first human language found in earth.And also which is following in south Indian people, especially in Tamilnadu.Tamil is the mother language of all the south Indian languages.In those days highly developed human beings where lived in southern part of India through the practice of Vaasi Yoga. There are innumerable Siddhas and Rishis lived in south India, especially from Tamilnaduwho lived more than ten to fifteen thousand years ago. They invented Vaasi yoga meditation for the Upliftment of human races.


  • Jayanthi


           I am from west mambalam, chennai. I am a rheumatoid arthritis patient, 33yrs old. I got a tremendous improvement in my basic nervous, immune health and joint pain relief from the 3rd day of the course. This is a simple technique with which one can experience a response in the physical and mental levels by oneself just in a day or two.
  • Raja Subramanian


         I am  from West Mambalam Chennai. I had cervical spondylytis, was wearing belt around neck due to pain. As I attended the course I got great pain relief and removed my belt. I got much briskness in daily activities and boosted self confidence.


Vaasi Kriya Level 1 3 Days, / day
Vaasi Kriya Level 2 3 days, 3hrs/ day
Vaasi Kriya Level 3 7 days, 3hrs/ day
Vaasi Kriya Level 4 Next to above three Level



 Classes starts from every Saturday to Thursday

Place :  T.Nagar, Chennai.

Time: 06:00 AM to  08.00 AM


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